Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Real Estate

If you think everything about real estate is boring, then you’re wrong. The concept in general is largely associated with buying and selling a home. But in between those two processes are very interesting things that happened in the past as well as current trends. These things will certainly change the way you look at the term “real estate” for good.

So here are some of the best facts we gathered online for your pleasure:

1. In the state of New York, as silly as it sounds, it is a seller’s legal requirement to disclose and inform buyers that the property under inspection is haunted or known to be haunted. Obviously, the biggest problem with that requirement is the fact that no one really wants to purchase a home just to live with ghosts!

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2. If you think Americans are too proud when it comes to building homes and competing with each other, then this billionaire from India will sweep you off your feet. As the richest person in his country, he didn’t think twice in building a home that is reportedly worth $1 billion. It comes with the basic amenities of 27 floors highlighted by six parking floors that can accommodate almost 170 cars.

3. Should you want to purchase the White House (yes, that place where Donald Trump aspires to call home one day), you have to be prepared to pay $110 million for it. That’s the value of the most guarded place in all of America.

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4. A dog named “Trouble” became the richest animal in the world in 2007 when her owner, Leona Helmsly, who by the way happens to be a real estate magnate and hotelier, left it with a $12 million inheritance.

5. In what should be the most ironic thing of all when it comes to real estate, the U.S. has five times as many vacant houses as to that of the number of homeless individuals.

6. If you are a Donald Trump believer or hater, then you should know that he’s one of the most prominent personalities in the real estate industry in America. However, he also happens to be the same guy who filed for corporate bankruptcy four times.

7. If you want to build a house or building that multiple stories high in the quickest possible way, hire Chinese builders who use fabricated modules to construct a skyscraper in roughly 15 days.

8. The real estate industry in 2009 hit an interesting low when there were more foreclosures than marriages.

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9. Utah is the best place for the homeless. The government has given homes to the homeless that allowed their number to go down 74%.

10. Investing in real estate is really a good idea. Just ask a couple from North Carolina who purchased an acre of land for $6,000, only to sell it to a company called Apple over thirty years later. And by the way, that one acre of land was bought for $1.7 million.

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