What Is Your Decorating Style?

interior design stylesWhen decorating your home or selecting new decor for your home, it is good to know the style that you are going for. There are many different styles that you can choose from depending on your personality and interests. Not everyone falls strictly into one category but you would be surprised to learn that most people usually have a predominant category or style. The best place to start is by learning which one is yours. Furthermore, sometimes you might want a change or a different feel. As people change, they find new interests and something that may have suited you ten years ago might not exactly match who you are today.

If you have no idea of what your style is, then you can find inspiration by learning what different styles there are. Know what style is your preferred one will help you make your house feel the way that you want it to. It can even help you pick the appropriate color when painting your home. Interior designers tend to have labels that they have created for these styles. In the following article by Design Like, they discuss some different styles:

Modern Minimalist Style

This style is a form of extreme accuracy, nothing is too much, without heavy backgrounds. The emphasis is on simplicity, the colors may be dull or bright, in any case flashy colors. Pieces are either geometric shapes – square, rectangular, round, but the surfaces are clean, no scenery, no details. Minimalist modern style by its name, illustrates the simplified forms.

Classic Style

It is a refined style, developed, rich in details, which are found both in the structure of furniture, lighting, etc. as well as in sets, prints. The furniture is the “art” type, carved or inlaid details and apply. Decorated with floral elements, vegetable, various leitmotif or scenes drawn from legends.

Contemporary Style

The style is contemporary-modern style but maintains a hot line through selected finishes and color range used. The songs do not seem very new, modern, cool. Colors are balanced, warm, bright tones and pastel can be out of the question when it comes to these style.

Elegant Country Style

Rural style is elegant furniture style with influences from English, French or Scandinavian classic pure style can be called rural chic. Furniture finishes are nice, bright colors-white, pastel colors and forms were taking over traditional furniture but not abundant decorations.

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These styles summarize the fundamental styles that can be seen in interior design. There are other styles that are not mentioned that you might fall under. These include cottage, bohemian, industrial, modern and more. One way of learning what kind of style you really are interested in is by taking a style quiz. Below are two style quizzes that you might find helpful and fun:

Here are some videos that also display some different styles that might inspire you:

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